Instant Cornmeal Porridge?!?

I popped into Tesco supermarket this morning and found instant cornmeal porridge! Now this is one of those things I did not imagine existed!

Me being me, I just HAD to try it. We have a saying in Shona that says “Hauzive chakakodza nguruve” – literal translation being “you never know what fattened the pig” ie try it out, you might like it! I am sure there is an English/ Chinese equivalent proverb, if you know it please tell me!
The instructions say pour boiling water up to the marked line, stir well and cover, leave for 2 minutes- THAT’S IT!!!
So this is what it looked like 
Consistency looked right- like normal maize meal porridge we make every day
Ingredients:  Cornmeal, sugar, skimmed milk powder, food starch, salt, ground nutmeg, cinnamon powder, vitamins and minerals. Thank goodness for no nasty E numbers and did not look like I was having a Chemistry lesson when I was going through the ingredients list
My boys loved it. I did not unfortunately. I found it too sweet and the cinnamon flavour a little too strong
I will surely be trying out a from scratch version for the boys- but bad news from them is it will have less sugar. 
Happy cooking!

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