Okra (Derere) and Mince

My mate Spiwe gave me this¬†recipe several months ago to try. I finally changed my husband’s mind about okra. He’s always hated it because he found it too slimy. Using this method you will get the amazing flavor of it but no sliminess.¬† This video¬†demonstrates it well using steak instead

You will need:

about 400g beef mince
1 onion
1 tomato, chopped finely
Seasoning (I used all purpose seasoning)
Okra (I used about 10)- top and tail, and slice finely


  • Fry the mince and onion until browned. Season to taste
  • Add tomatoes and Okra, fry together until cooked. DO NOT COVER you pan, otherwise the okra will go slimy. I reduced my sauce right down because that is how I like my mince

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